Home Marriage Italian Fortress Fairytale at Castello Di Piovera ⋆ Ruffled

Italian Fortress Fairytale at Castello Di Piovera ⋆ Ruffled

Italian Fortress Fairytale at Castello Di Piovera ⋆ Ruffled


In a realm famend for its artistry, fervor, and culinary delights that might make your style buds sing, our bride and groom on this Italian fort fairytale launched into a journey to craft a novel love story in Castello Di Piovera, graced with the floral artistry of Bloem & Cavanna Fiori, and immortalized via the lens of L and V Images.

Italiancastle Redwedding

As soon as upon a time, in a splendid medieval fort nestled within the Piedmont area of Italy, a wide ranging photoshoot happened. This distinctive occasion showcased the right mix of historical past, romance, and beautiful floral preparations.

Italiancastle Redwedding

The fort was adorned with enchanting floral decor, the place shades of sentimental pink, deep rose, and even wealthy burgundy commanded consideration. The scene was set to create a visually beautiful and majestic environment, befitting of a fairytale marriage ceremony.

Amidst this breathtaking setting, the highlight was rightfully on the bride, resplendent in her pure powder pink mikado silk robe. Its luxurious texture and delicate hue completely complemented the whimsical ambiance of the fort. The silk cascaded down her determine, accentuating her grace and magnificence as she moved via the medieval backyard.

Italiancastle Redwedding

On the coronary heart of all this magnificence stood an extravagant imperial desk adorned with plentiful flowers and flickering candles. The desk acted as a centerpiece, making a harmonious union between the fort’s medieval allure and the romanticism of the current.

Italiancastle Redwedding

Photographers and educational staff paid meticulous consideration to each element, making certain that each shot captured the essence of affection and romance. The fort’s historic ambiance served as a fascinating backdrop for eternalizing these treasured moments.”

Italiancastle Redwedding
Italiancastle Redwedding

This French fort inspiration is ready for you

Italiancastle Redwedding


Images: L and V Images

Costume: Le Spose Di Andrea

Location: Castello Di Piovera

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Flowers: Bloem & Cavanna Fiori

MUAH: Lina Pagano

Marriage ceremony Suite: Studio Letteraventidue

Jewellery: Gioielleria Avanzino



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