Our delicate eye space is among the first areas of the face to point out indicators of stress, irritation and ageing. The muscle groups and pores and skin across the eye space are continually in use, accountable for regularly altering facial expressions together with squinting and blinking hundreds of instances per day. The pores and skin round our eyes can be the thinnest of all areas of the face, making it extra susceptible to dehydration and irritation. 

Whereas a few of you might attain for an eye fixed cream to defend in opposition to eye baggage and darkish circles, it’s essential to do not forget that magnificence is holistic and pores and skin well being needs to be seen from in and out. Let’s take a more in-depth take a look at some frequent causes of puffy, darkish underneath eyes and how one can scale back contributing elements from the within out.



Puffiness underneath the eyes is frequent as we age because of the weakening of the tissue and muscle groups across the eyes. Darkish Circles additionally develop into extra prevalent as we age and for a few of us may be handed down by our genes (thanks mum and pa!). 

Along with ageing and genetics, there are a variety of different elements that may contribute to these pesky baggage and darkish circles underneath your eyes, and figuring out causes can usually result in options that can assist scale back their severity. 


Fluid Retention

Should you love further salt in your meals, I’ve dangerous information for you! An excessive amount of salt in your eating regimen may cause fluid retention and this extra water exhibits by puffiness within the physique, usually most clearly within the underneath eye space. Should you’ve over-indulged in salty meals it’s possible you’ll get up the following morning with puffy underneath eyes. To scale back any swelling, attempt reducing salt out of your eating regimen or at the least restrict consumption for a few days whereas consuming further water to assist flush the sodium out of your system.


Lack of Sleep

Many research have proven that not getting sufficient magnificence sleep can considerably contribute to under-eye swelling and darkish circles underneath the eyes. Sleep is so essential for our total pores and skin well being because it offers our pores and skin an opportunity to restore and rejuvenate whereas we get some slumber. Usually lacking out on the really helpful 7-9 hours sleep per night time can weaken the muscle groups round your eyes and contribute to a breakdown in collagen manufacturing which all of us have to preserve our pores and skin plump and agency.

Allergic reactions

Allergic reactions are a typical reason for swelling across the eye space and might result in further eye discomfort corresponding to redness and itchiness if not handled immediately. Widespread eye allergic reactions can embrace various kinds of pollen, mud, animals, perfume and mold. When your pores and skin comes into contact with an allergen, our protecting mast cells produce histamine to struggle the allergens. If in case you have allergic reactions that trigger eye puffiness or irritation it’s finest to keep away from the trigger the place attainable and carry an antihistamine that’s really helpful so that you can settle any flare ups as shortly as attainable. 


Poor Life-style Decisions

Not sufficient sleep or an excessive amount of sleep can result in drained, boring pores and skin. Fatigue can even trigger the blood vessels across the eye to dilate, ensuing within the fantastic tissue beneath the attention to look darker that standard. Underneath eye baggage can even trigger shadows that create darkish rings beneath the underneath eye swelling. So, if you wish to minimise swelling and darkish circles, decide to the really helpful 7-9 hours of sleep each night time! Along with extra relaxation, rising water consumption and wholesome meals selections, together with an appropriate skincare routine can help with revitalising drained eyes.


Pores and skin Tone & Solar Publicity

Individuals with darker pores and skin tones may be extra susceptible to pigmentation, resulting in darkish spots or extra noticeable circles across the underneath eye space. An excessive amount of solar or lack of solar safety can even result in solar harm and a rise in melanin manufacturing across the eye space. Slip, slop and slap on a regular basis to forestall underneath eye harm and discolouration.



The pores and skin round our eyes, often known as the periocular space, is as much as 10 instances thinner than the encircling areas of the face. This space of the face can be missing oil glands, making it extra inclined to dryness and irritation. Once you mix these elements with a decline in collagen and elastin manufacturing, you’ll be able to see why it’s so essential to have a devoted eye care routine utilizing merchandise designed to help this extremely used, delicate space.

Darkish circles and puffiness is a typical drawback. As talked about above, lack of sleep, poor diet and never sufficient water consumption can all contribute to darkish circles and puffiness underneath the eyes. Should you’re caring for your self by eating regimen and life-style, that’s nice! But it surely’s additionally essential to make sure you’re utilizing appropriate skincare merchandise to help the fragile eye space to forestall untimely ageing.


LAMAV’s Anti-Darkish Circle Eye Gel immediately soothes puffy, drained eyes and can assist to decrease darkish circles with common use. It immediately hydrates and brightens, leaving you with a contemporary, youthful glow. This Eye Gel accommodates pure, potent bio-actives to ship prompt and long run advantages:

Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant that promotes visibly brighter and evenly-toned pores and skin by defending the pores and skin from oxidative stress. It brightens the underneath eye, whereas decreasing hyperpigmentation and helps collagen manufacturing to scale back the looks of fantastic traces and wrinkles.

Kakadu Plum has the very best focus of nutrient-available vitamin C of any fruit on this planet. This antioxidant powerhouse fights off free radicals and assists to scale back the indicators of ageing.

Derived from seaweed, Chorella Vulgaris is a microalgae wealthy in amino acids. It helps collagen manufacturing and preserves elastin to maintain pores and skin underneath the eyes clean and agency. This highly effective nutrient assists with pores and skin restructuring whereas correcting and decreasing pigmentation and darkish circles across the eye space.

Rumex Extract (a pure plant extract) is used to deal with hyperpigmentation by inhibiting the enzyme (tyrosinase) which causes the event of pigmentation in pores and skin. The result’s a extra even-toned underneath eye space.

Licorice Root Extract is named nature’s pores and skin brightener, because it accommodates compounds to lighten the pores and skin and scale back the indicators of pigmentation. It additionally possesses anti-inflammatory properties to assist enhance pores and skin therapeutic and scale back puffiness.

Use LAMAV’s Anti-Darkish Circle Eye Gel twice every day after cleaning, making use of serums and previous to moisturising. Dispense one pump and use your ring finger to delicately pat the gel from inside to outer underneath eye space.



Together with LAMAV’s Quartz Gua Sha & Facial Curler skincare instruments in your every day eye-care routine will notably profit the underneath eye space as they gently therapeutic massage the pores and skin, stimulating lymphatic drainage and inspiring collagen manufacturing whereas decreasing irritation and smoothing puffy underneath eyes.


Use of LAMAV’s Gua Sha and Facial Curler after making use of your eye cream may even improve your pores and skin’s capability to soak up and utilise the bio-actives in your skincare! 


For a soothing AM eye remedy, place LAMAV’s facial curler in a hygienic bag within the fridge when you bathe. After skincare software use the small curler to softly glide over LAMAV’s Anti-Darkish Circle Eye Gel from inside to outer underneath eye. You’ll stimulate blood move whereas encouraging lymphatic drainage, say bye bye to morning underneath eye baggage!



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