Home Beauty Is Altering Your Half Good for Hair Well being? Specialists Weigh In

Is Altering Your Half Good for Hair Well being? Specialists Weigh In

Is Altering Your Half Good for Hair Well being? Specialists Weigh In


The battle between the center half and facet half is ongoing, however do you know that the place you half your hair may impression extra than simply your aesthetic? Claims have been made that altering your half once in a while might be helpful on your pores and skin and hair well being. Earlier than we go switching up our half within the title of well being, we wished to listen to from consultants on whether or not or not this principle is true. Ostensibly, consultants agree there is perhaps one thing to those claims. Nonetheless, New York dermatologist Elaine Kung, MD notes that there isn’t a whole lot of scientific analysis on the advantages, so it’s exhausting to substantiate.

Featured Specialists

  • Elaine Kung, MD is a dermatologist based mostly in Ny Metropolis
  • Gretchen Friese is a trichologist at BosleyMD
  • Dr. Isfahan Chambers-Harris is a hair skilled and founding father of Alodia

Does switching your half assist forestall pores and skin most cancers?

In principle, “altering your half will help defend the scalp from pores and skin most cancers as a result of the identical a part of your head shouldn’t be at all times uncovered to UV rays,” says BosleyMD trichologist Gretchen Friese. In keeping with Dr. Kung, there’s a chance that switching your hair half can play a “very minor” position in stopping pores and skin most cancers in your scalp. “Whenever you change your half, you alter the areas of your scalp that obtain direct daylight. This implies you’re not exposing the identical spot to UV radiation continuously, doubtlessly decreasing the danger of pores and skin most cancers in that particular space,” she explains.

Nonetheless, Alodia founder and hair skilled Dr. Isfahan Chambers-Harris notes that any substantial claims “about defending in opposition to pores and skin most cancers would want robust scientific backing, and must be supported by strong proof,” that we don’t have. So, whereas switching up your half can’t damage, we are able to’t verify it’ll preserve you completely protected, so at all times put on sunscreen!

Can altering your half assist with hair loss?

Altering your half received’t halt hair loss altogether, notes Dr. Kung. Nonetheless, “it could assist forestall hair breakage brought on by repeated mechanical stress on the identical hair strands,” which might play a task in hair loss.

“After we put pressure on our half, like with tight ponytails and braids and even carrying a hat over time, can create stress to the follicles within the space the place the hair separates (the half). This may be damaging and will result in hair loss,” explains Friese. Subsequently, altering your half could have some optimistic results on hair well being like “decreasing pressure and stress on particular hair follicles,” which “could not directly assist with lessening hair breakage,” says Dr. Isfarahan.



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