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The Slant Board Lunge is a Difficult Variation for Legday Coaching

The Slant Board Lunge is a Difficult Variation for Legday Coaching


You might be considering, “Ohh no, not one other article about lunges.” Effectively, you is likely to be proper concerning the suck half. You’re stronger when performing your decrease physique workouts in a bilateral stance. You are worried much less about stability, unilateral core power, or your stabilizing muscle tissue are up for the job. Effectively, let me introduce you to the slant board lunge, the brainchild of Cristian G. Plascencia, CSCS.

You load up, and also you’re off to the races.

Then there are lunges. You are taking your foot off the bottom to lunge both ahead, backward, or to the aspect. The lowered assist base makes you’re employed more durable to carry out a lower-body train as a lot of the load is shifted to 1 leg. Your ego takes a beating as a result of there’s much less load concerned, and if there are any deviations in type, it can change into instantly obvious.

To not point out, there’s extra heavy respiration and sweat concerned. Sure, lunges suck, however they do strengthen imbalances and enhance efficiency out and in of the fitness center. In case you’re uninterested in common lunges or searching for a brand new problem, the slant board lunge is the best way to go.

Coach Plascencia works with varied athletes and all sports activities, from soccer to skateboarding to basketball, and consults with the College of Texas basketball crew. So, should you’re sore the subsequent day from slant board lunges, simply bear in mind the athletic positive aspects that come after the ache goes away.

What Makes Lunges Nice

“Lunges are an effective way to load and strengthen the physique exterior a typical bilateral stance. Most of the time, we don’t spend a lot time in a bilateral stance by every day life and athletic actions, so we should expose our our bodies to comparable motion patterns. You may also get extremely artistic with the path you might be loading your lunge, whether or not or not it’s a curtsy lunge, lateral lunge, or ahead or reverse lunge,” says Plascencia.

Slant Board Lunge Advantages

“The slant board lunge is a wonderful variation for athletes, because it exposes the ankle to a posture typically seen in basketball. In case you take a look at the sport intently, you’ll discover that athletes continuously must rotate their our bodies from proper to left or left to proper, which forces the angle to entry this curved and angular place.

If the ankle doesn’t have sufficient inversion or inversion capability, you possibly can count on one other joint or tissue up the kinetic chain to compensate. So, the slant board helps the athlete entry a particular posture and, by spending sufficient time and increase sufficient muscle activation intention, strengthen the joint capsule and surrounding tissues,” explains Plascencia.

Though particular to the sport of basketball, slant board lunges have advantages exterior of the basketball courtroom. You’ll enhance your stability and approach with common lunges and entry muscular growth from a distinct angle to make your glutes and quads pop.

You might find yourself liking lunges in any case.

Slant Board Lunge Kind Suggestions

“Don’t worry about how low you’re going; hold a strong connection to the slate board. Lunge depth just isn’t a priority right here as a result of if athletes lack the suitable vary of movement on the ankle joint and attempt to go too low, they may feed proper again right into a compensation cycle.

“I might say that it’s best to be capable of really feel the tripod of the foot, which is the bottom of the massive toe, the bottom of the pinky toe, and the middle house of the heel,” says Plascencia.

The standard guidelines apply when performing slant board lunges for the primary time. Guarantee appropriate motion earlier than including load. Since you’re exposing muscle tissue to a brand new stimulus, a studying curve is concerned, and also you don’t need to find yourself on a exercise blooper video.

Programming Solutions

Coach Plascencia likes to begin his athletes in isometric maintain positions in varied lunge positions for round 20 seconds. Slowly construct up till about 45 or 60 seconds outdated, then progress to reps. The slant board lunge is finest carried out for hypertrophy, conditioning, and muscular endurance, so it’s finest carried out for 2 to 4 units, eight to 16 reps per aspect.



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