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A Pure Different To Poisonous Family Disinfecta – BoKU® Superfood

A Pure Different To Poisonous Family Disinfecta – BoKU® Superfood


Breathe Fresh AIR: A Natural Alternative To Toxic Household Disinfectants and Deodorizers

Within the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, I used to be a bit Covid loopy. In March and April, little in regards to the virus was understood, and in an effort to guard myself and my two-year-old daughter, Skyla, I used to be disinfecting not solely my residence, however something that risked changing into a supply of contamination by different individuals. The mailbox, the doorbell, door knobs, supply packages, purchasing cart handlebars, meals luggage, to go containers … get the image? I had Covid disinfectant obsessive compulsive dysfunction (unofficially: DOCD).  

Though my DOCD has fortunately subsided (to not say that I’m not nonetheless involved or careless about Covid), I nonetheless need to preserve a house, workplace, and automotive freed from disease-causing germs. I’m not a germaphobe by any means. I do know that publicity to microorganisms is significant for intestine well being, and by extension, a wholesome immune system. However make no mistake about it: there are specific germs to which I’d fairly not threat myself or my daughter being uncovered. 

However with regards to sustaining a sweet-smelling residence freed from potential pathogenic airborne microorganisms, the vast majority of disinfectants and room sprays in the marketplace are poisonous. 

Fortunately, a fifteenth century European legend was the inspiration that impressed my dad and mom and I to have developed for us a secure and efficient pure room spray and disinfectant. I’ll let you know in regards to the fascinating story shortly and the pure answer we use on a regular basis in our residence and when we’ve to journey for enterprise.

First, although, it’s essential that you simply perceive the darkish facet of utilizing standard air fresheners and disinfectants.


A Gumbo Of Poisonous Chemical compounds 


The phrase suggests a innocent, uplifting ingredient that improves the aroma of a sure product. 

However the reality about perfume is that simply a single one may very well include a combination of a whole bunch of artificial chemical substances, a few of that are recognized to hurt human well being. The chemical substances in pretend scents create hazardous secondary pollution. One such toxin created by synthetic perfume is formaldehyde, which amongst different functions, is used within the embalming course of in mortuaries.   

Artificial fragrances are nonetheless pervasive in lots of family cleaners, regardless of being linked to reproductive and developmental issues. 

And with regards to air fresheners, a report by the College of Washington concludes that many manufacturers of air fresheners include greater than 20 completely different compounds which may be hazardous to human well being. In reality, seven of them are regulated as poisonous or hazardous underneath federal legal guidelines. 

Sadly, family merchandise aren’t required to checklist “perfume” and different poisonous chemical substances on ingredient labels. 

The Medieval Resolution For A Pure Family Germ Killer & Air Freshener

Suppose the coronavirus pandemic is dangerous? Properly, it’s. However within the fifteenth century, a flea-born micro organism referred to as Yersinia pestis killed tens of thousands and thousands of individuals throughout Europe. Recognized by survivors as “The Nice Pestilence” the epidemic, which worn out wherever from 30% to 50% of the continent’s inhabitants, is healthier referred to as “The Black Loss of life” or “Black Plague” or “bubonic plague”. 

However one legend from this epoch credit 5 vegetation for serving to individuals survive the plague. 

The folks drugs was referred to as “the robber’s oil,” named after 4 thieves who ransacked the houses of the sick and dying, with none of the 4 ever contracting the deadly, dreaded illness. 

Karma finally caught up with the thieves, nonetheless. After being captured, the thieves had been purchased earlier than a choose in France. The robbers confronted sure capital punishment: being burned alive on the stakes. However the choose, intrigued by the thieves’ capacity to evade sickness, provided a extra lenient sentence, albeit an equally deadly one. In alternate for the prospect of loss of life by hanging, the lads would disclose their immunity secret.  

Legend has it that the 4 males had been employed as spice and fragrance retailers. With skilled information of botanicals, the thieves ready a recipe that when utilized to their our bodies and clothes, stored them secure from an infection.

As information unfold of the formulation the robbers used, medical doctors throughout Europe who handled Black Loss of life victims utilized the formulation to the gothic, notorious, Venice carnivale, beak-like masks, which had been full of cloths containing this particular mix of oils. 

The Robbers Oil Method Conjures up “AIR” 

The traditional mix the robbers used, legend has it, incorporates fragrant oils from Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary. Utilizing fragrant oils from vegetation dates again at the very least 7,000 years, when Egyptians used them for medicinal and beauty purposes. In fashionable occasions, the arrival of steam distillation expertise, has created a renaissance of utilizing fragrant plant oils for therapeutic functions. After all, immediately, we all know therapeutic botanicals as important oils, as a result of they include the therapeutic “essence” of the vegetation. 

Through the years, the legend of the robber’s oil has spawned a wide range of completely different important oil formulation for immunity, air purification, and temper enhancement. Many  analysis research present that important oils are secure and efficient anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & anti-viral pure components. 

In paying homage to the Robber’s Oil legend, we’ve created AIR, a pure air freshener and disinfectant with our personal proprietary mix of practical, important oils that may present a pure various to lots of the chemical-filled & poisonous micro organism combating merchandise in the marketplace immediately!


Secure For The Planet, Pets And Your Household

Some family merchandise with important oils include diluted oils and artificial chemical substances. As a result of we’re enthusiastic about pure well being and refuse to compromise on our beliefs, BōKU AIR incorporates 100% pure important oils with no artificial preservatives, no perfumes or fragrances, no parabens and no phthalates. After we formulate our merchandise, every ingredient should cross “THE SKYLA TEST”. 

Like I stated earlier, Skyla is my two-year-old treasured daughter. If any ingredient has even the slightest potential of adversely affecting the well being of my Skyla, it gained’t be included. With the protection in thoughts of our household, we create superfood merchandise and private care gadgets with the protection in thoughts of your loved ones. As we wish to say, from our household to yours, Merci BōKU!


BōKU Air has is an unbelievable, practical perfume with high notes of eucalyptus and fir, softly balanced by cedarwood, then ending with elegant notes of rosemary and peppermint. Like an opulent Spa model of the Vapor rubs many people keep in mind rising up with. Order it right here



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