Home Esthetician Busting Widespread Skincare Myths | Dr. Maryam Zamani

Busting Widespread Skincare Myths | Dr. Maryam Zamani

Busting Widespread Skincare Myths | Dr. Maryam Zamani


With September being Skincare consciousness month lets DEBUNK widespread Skincare Myths.

Delusion – You solely must reapply sunscreen should you’ve been within the solar.
FACT – Sunscreen loses its effectiveness in your pores and skin even with out solar publicity.

Delusion – Your pores and skin should really feel tight after washing to know you will have totally cleaned your pores and skin.
FACT – In case your pores and skin feels tight after washing it’s a signal you will have overdone it.

Delusion – You should double cleanse to take away all of your skincare from the day.
FACT – A very good cleanser can take away all of the oils you will have utilized on the pores and skin all through the day.

Delusion – Begin with heat water to open your pores, then use chilly water to shut then.
FACT – Pores don’t open and shut.

Delusion – You possibly can’t use face oils when you have zits susceptible pores and skin.
FACT – The correct face oil may help stability your skins oil manufacturing.

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