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Does Shaving Make Hair Develop Thicker? – Stunning With Brains

Does Shaving Make Hair Develop Thicker? – Stunning With Brains


shaving makes hair grow thicker myth

Does shaving makes your hair develop again thicker? I’ve been asking myself this query these days as a result of I’ve all the time shaved. When these fuzzy little hair began showing early on in puberty, my thoughts quietly handed me a razor and confirmed me learn how to use it to get my clean legs again. Since then, shaving has been my fave hair elimination methodology.

Waxing and epilatories are painful as hell, and I don’t do ache (I imply, why would you inflict ache on your self whenever you don’t must?). Hair elimination lotions take perpetually to make use of and so they all the time appear to depart some brief stubs behind, anyway. Shaving will get the job achieved nicely, rapidly, and painlessly. However does it make your hair develop again thicker? I do know lots of people suppose it does, however, in all of the years I’ve shaved (greater than twenty years now), that has by no means occurred. So, the place did this fable originate? Let’s discover out:

Does Shaving Make Hair Develop Again Thicker

The parable that shaving makes hair develop again thicker is simply that, a fable. So the place does this come from? An optical phantasm. Let me clarify. Have you ever ever checked out your hair? Okay, it’s a bit gross, I do know. However, bear with me. When a hair comes out from the follicle, it has a effective and tapered tip.

While you shave it, you’re reducing the hair with a razor. That modifications its form. The effective, tapered tip is gone, and what’s left is its wider base. That’s why hair seems to develop again thicker. However, in actuality, its thickness is precisely the identical because it was earlier than.

Oh, and it’s not coarser both. I imply, if you happen to contact the freshly lower hair, yeah, the bottom is gonna really feel a bit coarse. That’s as a result of it’s probably not brief. Let it develop once more, and also you’ll see, it’ll quickly be as delicate because it was earlier than. However, after all, we shave once more earlier than hair has an opportunity to develop again, so we by no means see it get again to regular. Thriller defined.

Hair professional Gaby Longsworth shares an important tip for avoiding this optical phantasm. “Greater-end razors with multi-blades [versus traditional single-blade razors] carry the hair earlier than slicing it for a deep shave in order that it takes longer for brand spanking new hair development to change into seen.” I’ll be grabbing a type of for positive.

Does Shaving Make Hair Develop Again Sooner? 

Now you already know that shaving doesn’t make your hair develop again thicker, the subsequent query on everybody’s lips is, “However Gio, does shaving make hair develop again quicker or is {that a} fable, too?” You’ll be pleased to know that’s a fable, as nicely. You’ve guessed it, it originates from the identical optical phantasm that makes you suppose shaving makes your hair develop thicker.

“Hair grows on the fee it will develop primarily based on the particular person,” aesthetician Jodi Shays explains. “Shaving gained’t change that. That being mentioned, hormonal modifications could cause hair to develop again quicker. The identical goes for folks taking hair-growth dietary supplements.” Dermatologist Dr Jason Miller explains additional: “There could also be some relative improve in hair in the course of the rising stage of your hair cycle versus the resting/shedding phases after shaving, however this doesn’t truly end in hairs rising quicker.”

Greatest Shaving Ideas

Now shaving is cool once more, listed here are one of the best shaving ideas for smoother pores and skin – with out cuts:

  • Lubricate your pores and skin: Shaving doesn’t make your hair develop again thicker and quicker, however if you happen to’re not cautious, it might probably trigger cuts (if you happen to don’t take correct care of them, they’ll change into contaminated). Let your hair soften within the bathe and apply a lubricant (shaving cream or hair conditioner work greatest) earlier than shaving.
  • Use a clear and sharp razor: Look, I like to get as many makes use of as I can out of a blade, however the reality is, fairly quickly that blade will get boring and begins reducing your pores and skin. Don’t danger it. Use a contemporary, clear, and sharp razor that glides easily on the pores and skin.
  • Use brief strokes: They only work greatest. Sufficient mentioned.
  • Go in opposition to the grain: If you’d like a deep and shut shave, going in opposition to the grain will ship that. It’s best to do the alternative solely if in case you have delicate pores and skin or are vulnerable to ingrown hair.
  • Moisturise: Shaving doesn’t simply take away hair. It additionally has an exfoliating impact that removes lifeless cells from the floor of your pores and skin. Now you already know why your pores and skin feels tight and dry afterwards. Moisturise nicely after shaving. At all times.

These are basic pointers. Let’s get extra particular now:

Shaving Ideas For Your Face

Listed here are one of the best shaving ideas to your face:

  • Take a scorching bathe earlier than shaving: the steam helps to melt the hair and pores and skin for a neater shave with much less irritation.
  • Keep away from important oils: Some shaving lotions for girls are loaded with important oils that make them odor good. However they are often irritating for delicate pores and skin. Don’t danger it.
  • Be light: Apply little stress to your razor and use brief and mild strokes.

Shaving Ideas For Your Legs 

Listed here are one of the best shaving ideas to your legs:

  • Frequency: You’ll be able to shave your legs as ceaselessly as as soon as a day, so long as you observe the following pointers and are light in your pores and skin. You may as well select it to do it much less usually, relying on how rapidly your hair grows and your private preferences.
  • Soak your legs: It’s really helpful you soak your legs for at the very least 10 minutes earlier than shaving them. For that reason, I wish to shave on the finish of a shower or bathe.
  • Go in opposition to the grain: The pores and skin in your legs is usually more durable than different hairs, so shave in opposition to the grain in an upward movement for higher outcomes.
  • Work your manner up: Begin at your ankles and slowly and gently work your manner up utilizing brief strokes for higher management.
  • Be cautious of difficult areas: The knee space is notoriously difficult simply because it’s drier and subsequently, extra vulnerable to cuts. Be light and sluggish right here.
  • Moisturise: As all the time, don’t neglect to moisturise nicely afterwards to keep away from dryness and soothe pores and skin.

Shaving Ideas For Your Underarms 

Listed here are one of the best shaving ideas to your underarms:

  • Frequency: Whereas everybody’s hair grows at a unique tempo, it’s normally really helpful to shave right here on daily basis or two, particularly within the scorching summer season months when this space tends to sweat loads and is normally uncovered.
  • Lubricate nicely: Not solely the hair right here grows in many alternative instructions, giving them a wilder look, however the pores and skin could be very delicate and simply probe to cuts, rashes, and irritations. Lubricate nicely and be light whenever you shave.
  • Shave at night time: As the world is so delicate, keep away from shaving simply earlier than heading to the seashore, pool or fitness center. As an alternative shave at night time, so that you’ll be prepared for the subsequent morning.
  • Keep away from deodorants: Once more, your pores and skin is delicate, so give it an opportunity to restore itself earlier than making use of something aside from a soothing moisturiser.

Shaving Ideas For Your Pubic Space 

Listed here are one of the best shaving ideas to your pubic space:

  • Frequency: This space is tremendous delicate, so day by day shaving is a no-no that may result in dryness, redness, and irritation. As an alternative do it weekly.
  • Use a soothing shaving cream: Use one thing with aloe vera or different soothing and moisturising ingredient that minimises friction whereas shaving.
  • Pull pores and skin taut: Whereas shaving, gently pull your pores and skin taut for a clean floor and use mild strokes for higher management.
  • Path: Shaving with the grain, except you’re vulnerable to ingrown hair. Then, do the alternative and shave in opposition to the grain.

What Are The Greatest Shaving Razors?

Now you understand how to shave, listed here are one of the best razors for the job:

  • Flawless by Ending Contact Flawless Facial Hair Remover ($19.99): An electrical face razor for girls with LED mild for immediate and painless hair elimination. Out there at Argos and Ulta.
  • Gilette Venus Radiant Pores and skin Razor ($39.99): This razor has has 5 Nuluxe blades and an Olay moisturizer dishing out button to moisturise pores and skin whereas shaving. Out there at Ulta.
  • Schick Instinct Naturals Sensation Razor ($13.99): Lather and shave in a single step with this cleaver razor that places shave cream proper on the blade. Out there at iHerb, Goal, and Ulta.

The Backside Line

Shave with confidence. Shaving your hair doesn’t make your hair develop again quicker and thicker. It’s a painless strategy to get smoother pores and skin – so long as you’re light with it!



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