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High 5 Methods to Enhance Your Collagen Naturally – LAMAV

High 5 Methods to Enhance Your Collagen Naturally – LAMAV


Relating to the wonder and wellness trade, collagen definitely isn’t a brand new idea. As probably the most ample protein within the human physique—it’s not solely chargeable for sturdy, supple pores and skin—it additionally performs an important position within the well being of our bones, joints, delicate tissues, intestine, nails and hair.

Alongside elastin—one other protein which helps our pores and skin to stay agency and radiant—collagen can be the important thing to extra youthful-looking pores and skin. Whereas there are a selection of things that may influence our collagen manufacturing, the excellent news is that there are additionally a myriad of the way to spice up our collagen shops, naturally.


However first, what’s collagen?

Consider collagen as a structural constructing block—when our collagen shops are plentiful, our pores and skin stays agency, supple and well-hydrated. Sadly nevertheless, we’re unable to keep up a continuing provide of this plumping protein with our shops of collagen—in addition to our capacity to provide it—naturally declining as we age.

As our our bodies are additionally unable to make collagen by itself, it’s essential to implement the weight loss program and way of life practices that can assist to keep up and increase our capacity to provide this very important protein.


5 easy methods you may naturally increase collagen

1. Hydrate

One of many key parts of collagen is water which is why it’s important to remain well-hydrated with the intention to foster collagen manufacturing. Ingesting loads of filtered water every day will definitely assist to protect collagen, as will noshing on loads of hydrating fruit and veggies like watermelon, strawberries and cucumber. One other key ingredient for hydrated pores and skin is hyaluronic acid. Like collagen, HA declines with age, however analysis exhibits that it will possibly additionally assist to increase collagen manufacturing—and supply a much-needed burst of moisture for dry pores and skin. Whether or not ingested or utilized topically, hyaluronic acid is significant for glowing, resilient pores and skin!

2. Eat vitamin C

Maybe greater than every other nutrient, vitamin C is crucial for collagen synthesis—whereas additionally harbouring the added bonus of serving to to guard pores and skin from free radical injury. Whereas citrus fruits comprise an abundance of vitamin C, different much less well-known sources embrace Acerola Cherry and Amla—which comprises 20 occasions extra vitamin C than an orange. Present in our unique Ayurvedic Magnificence Mix™, Amla’s adaptogenic properties additionally help the physique’s stress response. Even higher? As a potent antioxidant, vitamin C boasts the added advantages of supporting immune operate and serving to us to keep up secure vitality ranges.

3. Amp up your consumption of antioxidants

Famed for his or her capacity to shield the physique—and pores and skin—from the damaging and ageing results of free radicals, antioxidants not solely assist to increase collagen manufacturing, however in addition they work to stop its degradation. Whereas consuming an array of contemporary fruit and veggies will give your physique a wholesome dose of antioxidants, including a complement just like the LAMAV Ayurvedic Magnificence Powder to your routine is one other means to make sure you’re getting sufficient of those unimaginable compounds day by day. Containing elements like Astaxanthin, Amla, Acerola Cherry, Shisandra Berry and Holy Basil, this nourishing interior magnificence powder helps to fight irritation, bolster immune operate and promote extra radiant pores and skin from inside.


4. Select collagen-rich meals

To help efficient collagen formation, we should additionally embrace collagen-rich meals in our weight loss program frequently because the amino acids they comprise play an important position in collagen synthesis. Whereas there are numerous collagen dietary supplements available on the market—which come from a variety of sources together with bovine and marine collagen—a balanced, wholefood-based weight loss program may also provide you with all of the amino acids that you must increase your personal collagen manufacturing. Good sources embrace protein-rich meals similar to hen and lean pink meat, gelatin and bone broth, fish, dairy and eggs.


5. Stop Collagen Degradation

Whereas we’re sadly unable to stop our capacity to provide collagen from declining as we age, we are able to sluggish it down by avoiding detrimental way of life and environmental elements which may influence this course of. Extra solar publicity, smoking and consuming too many refined sugars and carbohydrates are all confirmed to hurry up collagen degradation so being solar protected and specializing in a nutrient-dense and balanced wholefoods weight loss program is crucial not just for glowing pores and skin—however our basic well being and wellbeing as nicely. 


Assist to spice up collagen naturally by including our LAMAV Ayurvedic Magnificence Powder to your magnificence and wellbeing routine. Discover out extra by heading to our Inside Magnificence product web page.



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