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Vaginal Modifications Throughout Menopause

Vaginal Modifications Throughout Menopause


There’s quite a bit happening as we age, and never all of it’s welcome. “A whole lot of girls are blindsided by the adjustments that happen from menopause,” says Lauren Streicher, MD, a scientific professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern College’s Feinberg College of Medication in Chicago.

Throughout menopause, girls expertise a drop in estrogen ranges and bodily adjustments to the vagina, vulva, and vaginal opening, which may trigger signs like dryness and urinary tract infections. These adjustments, which was referred to as vaginal atrophy, at the moment are generally known as genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM), a situation that impacts greater than half of postmenopausal girls, in line with a analysis assessment.

The excellent news is that these adjustments may be handled — and reversed, says Dr. Streicher. Right here’s what’s up down there.

1. Intercourse Can Be Uncomfortable — or Even Painful

Premenopause, the vagina has a thick wall that’s comprised of rugal folds, that are “accordion-like wrinkles that enable the vagina to broaden to accommodate a child or penis,” says Streicher. Throughout menopause, she says, many ladies expertise a thinning-out of that layer; what’s extra, these rugal folds flatten, stopping the vagina from increasing.



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